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Aosta is the main city in the region of Aosta Valley, bilingual region in the Italian Alps, 110 km northwest of Turin. It is situated near the Italian entrance of the Mont Blanc tunnel, the Buthier and the Dora Baltea, in, and at the junction between the great and little St. Bernard. Aosta is not the capital of the province, because the Aosta Valley is the only region not shared in the provinces. Provincial administrative functions be shared instead of the region and in the municipalities.

Aosta is generally known as the Alps Rome, side Valley is incredibly beautiful, with crystal clear mountain streams, the old parched desert timber houses and lush meadows, surrounded by snow-covered mountains. In the Center, the Piazza del Municipo, is the Town Hall is the dominant building. Here you will find a variety of bars, cafés and restaurants with outdoor dining in the summer months. Via Porte Pretoria is the city's main pedestrian promenade, charming with a variety of shops and dining options. Aosta is characterised by its many open spaces with buildings and building remnants from the Roman time and the middle ages.
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