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Santa Cruz is a major city on Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands and the provincial capital of the province of the same name. With almost 260 000 inhabitants, the city is the second largest in the archipelago.

The city is one of two towns that share capital function of the Canary Islands. The second city is Las Palmas on the neighboring island of Gran Canaria. Where the latter is the capital of the eastern islands, the former the same for the West.

From the port is exported agricultural products from several of the Canary Islands, not just Tenerife. An oil refinery on the outskirts of Santa Cruz helps give the city manufacturing jobs.

With the help of his twin Laguna, this is 11 to 12 kilometers west of Santa Cruz, the latter is an attractive skoleby. The Laguna is a large university, a few larger hospitals and between Santa Cruz and Laguna are including an acting school.

Downtown district in Laguna is otherwise listed on the UN World Heritage Site.

The relationship between Santa Cruz and Laguna resembles in many ways that we can find the relationship between Stavanger and Sandnes. The cities are in the process of growing into one metropolitan area.

Transport conditions are good, with both ferry and air travel to the other islands and to Europe and Africa.
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