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Saint Barthélemy , also known as Saint Barts , Saint Barths , and St. Barth is a small island in the Caribbean. Since 2007 it constitutes a French overseas collectivity . Before this was the part of the overseas ministry Guadeloupe. Saint -Barthélemy is located 250 km east of Puerto Rico, 230 km northwest of Guadeloupe and 25 miles southeast of Saint Martin . Islands Saba and Anguilla in the Lesser Antilles are also nearby . The coastline is 32 km and the highest point is Vitet of 286 m. The official language is French.

This small island was Sweden's last colony . King Gustav III of Sweden changed it from France in 1784 . Nearly a hundred years later , in 1878 sold the Swedes it back to the French, but even today there are many tracks there from Swedish time. The capital of the island is Gustavia, which was named after Gustav III.

Saint -Barthélemy is a small airport , Gustav III Airport , served by small airliners . Most planes landing at the island's airport has fewer than 20 passengers . The nearest airport for larger aircraft located at Saint Martin .

Tourism is an important industry of Saint -Barthélemy . The island has 25 hotels, most of which have fewer than 15 rooms. The largest hotel Guanahani with 70 rooms.

The island is visited by about 160,000 tourists annually , most on day visits from the neighboring island of St. Martin . They come either via catamaran , or by plane. The island is also a popular port of call for cruise ships.

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