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Prague or Praha is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. It is situated on the Vltava River in the former Austrian province of Bohemia, since 1993 together with Moravia and Silesia constitutes Czech Republic. Since 1992, the city's historical center was declared a UNESCO World Heritage list. Today, Prague particularly known for its beautiful and impressive buildings, representing all styles. The city is divided into different areas: The old part of town (from the 1200s), the new city (from the 1300s - so new it is therefore not) and the Jewish Quarter. Hradcany with its cathedrals and castles area has been the seat of kings, emperors and presidents since the 9th century. What particularly strikes one, the many towers and spiers extending up everywhere. In the early 1800s spoke to them 103 Today is projected to be more than 500 The old center is listed as a historical site.

Prague is one of Europe's most visited capitals, and all year round, the city is populated by far more people than the 1.2 million who live here everyday. Most visitors come for, among other things, to experience life around the 500 meter long and nearly 700-year-old Charles Bridge, which is flanked by 30 towering saint statues. And they're going to go on a voyage of discovery in the medieval quarter Staré Mesto with the labyrinthine streets that are rich in cafes, restaurants and small galleries.

Experience during the Prague also your life around Wenceslas Square, where the Velvet Revolution against communist rule was initiated in 1989 and daily entertainment around Prague's Old Town Hall, where people flock together during the more than 500-year-old astronomical clock. Every hour the clock looking figurines up and running its mechanical round to mark the passage of time.

By Mahlerovy sady park, towering Prague conspicuous television tower with a lookout, hovering a hundred feet up, and a restaurant that Prague is a beautiful and from with all its winding medieval streets, dark beer cellars, Art Nouveau buildings, museums and ancient Jewish memorials.
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Kristin B. Jacobsen
Klokkarvik, Norway
"Varmt og vakkert."
Reviewed 06.03.2015 08:31:18
Praha er en by som er vakker, livlig, varm, full av arkitektur og ...


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