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Perth is located along the banks of the Swan River. Perth was founded by British settlers in 1829 as a result of fear that the French would settle there and make claims to parts of Australia. Much of the economy is based on the numerous mineral resources found in the area.

The area where Perth is now a resident of aborginere from noongar trunk for about 40 000 years ago. The Europeans made their first occupied January 5, 1697 under the leadership of Willem captained the Vlamingh via Rottnest. The river that runs through Perth Swan River was named after the unique black swans they see here. The crew went on after a vain attempt to establish contact with the indigenous population to determine whether there were survivors Ridderschap van Hollants shipwreck in 1645.

In 1829 took Charles Howe Fremantle area under British control of contents and James Stirling founded it under the name of Swan River Colony. From before the colony was settled by free settlers, but it was not until 1850, when the prisoners came in as the labor that it began to experience clear growth.

The actor Heath Ledger and photo model Gemma Ward were both born in Perth.

Perth, located over 2,000 miles from the nearest big city of Adelaide, often described as the world's most isolated city. The main core of the city concentrates around the area of the Swan River, while the suburbs of the city spread beyond areas. One of these small places are Fremantle.

The climate is hot and dry with a rainy season in the winter period is between May and August.
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