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French Polynesia is a self site in Polynesia in the Central, Southern Pacific Ocean. It belongs to France, has the status of overseas communities with internal self-government. French Polynesia is made up of several island groups in Polynesia. Largest and most populous island is Tahiti, where also the capital city of Papeete is located. French Polynesia is made up of 121 Islands South of the equator in Polynesia in the Central Pacific Ocean. The Islands are scattered across a sea area of 2.5 million km². The Land area make up the 4200 km ². There are people at 76 of the Islands.

Islands of French Polynesia have a hot and humid tropical climate with the passat winds. The temperature is between 20 ° C and 29 ° c. The rainfall is located at 165 cm a year, with the period from november to april is the wettest.

Tropical cyclones do occur, but are less often in this part of the Pacific Ocean than further West.

The sea surrounding the Islands have a rich marine fauna, with 300 species of fish. On land it is sparingly with wildlife, beyond the farm animals.

The Islands have a dense, subtropical vegetation along the coast and in the Inland valleys of the mountainous islands. It is growing coconut trees, mango trees, breadfruit trees, jerntre, bougainvillea and frangipani.

Popular Destinations

  #1  Tahiti
  #2  Bora Bora

  #3  Austral Islands
  #4  Papeete

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