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Cape Verde is a country and archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, 500 km west of the African mainland. The archipelago consists of ten large and five small islands. It was uninhabited when it was discovered and colonized by the Portuguese in the 1400s. The archipelago became a hub of trade in African slaves. Most residents originating from both groups, Portuguese and slaves. Cape Verde became independent in 1975.

Half of the nearly 495,000 residents of Cape Verde lives in Santiago. It is also the capital Praia

Cape Verde is a paradise for wind surfers, best of January to March. Scuba diving is also popular, not least because there are several shipwrecks around the islands. Deep sea fishing is also possible, there are many who rents boats.

If you want a slightly more active holiday, we recommend hiking. There are excellent areas for exciting hikes on Santo Antao rugged mountains. Another option is to go to Fogo and climb the majestic Pico de Fogo at 2.829 m.

The language is Creole, but as a tourist, you can survive well with English, as those who work in hotels, shops and restaurants speak English.

The average temperature on the Cape Verde Islands is around 26 degrees Celsius all year round.
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  #1  Praia

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