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Miles of beaches palmebevokste. Swarms of tropical birds in close competition to showcase the brightest colors. Indigenous Cultures that live like centuries ago in remote islands and happily showing off their culture and way of life. Panama has much more to offer than the famous canal.

Panama borders Costa Rica and Colombia and has coasts facing the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The long, narrow country is intersected by an east-west mountain range with Volcan Baru at 3,478 meters the highest point. From the volcano, which has seven craters, one on clear days have views of both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The south side of Panama's mountainous spine is characterized by savannah vegetation, and the north side is covered with forest. Read more here: Climate and weather Panama.

Traveling to Panama involves much more than channel locks and fight. With a width of only rarely reaches over 100 kilometers, Panama is the place to go if you want to take a morning dip in the Pacific and enjoy an evening drink with your toes in the Caribbean Sea - having traveled across the country through the cool mountains and warm rainforest. Along Panama's Caribbean coast is home to several small groups of islands that offer everything from idyllic beach paradise of traditional Indian culture. The archipelago Bocas del Toro in northeast Panama can enjoy sand, water and palm trees in a pageantry that only a true tropical island has to offer. Adding visit to the time between June and August, one may be lucky to hit the turtle nesting, and a few hours lost night's sleep is a good price to pay to see the huge turtles crawl ashore to lay eggs after digging a proper hole in the sand. At the San Blas archipelago to the west it is not turtles, but people who attracts the visitors. Here Kuna Indians living in the traditional manner with minimal interference from the Panamanian government. Kuna has its own language and culture, colorful costumes and a financial system independent of the rest of the country. It is based on the sale of coconuts and tourism. If you want to exploit the country's location in the lush tropics and fill his trip to Panama with rich scenery, Panama can offer up several nice national parks. Darién National Park on the border with Colombia is a green jungle rich in wildlife. Dolphins jump in the river, sloth lounging in the tree tops and trees and flowers bursting with exuberance. Coiba National Park is located on the country's Pacific island is a paradise for small and large marine animals. Here one can see numerous species of dolphins, whales, crocodiles and turtles, the surroundings are beautiful and colorful bird swarms. But no holiday in Panama without the famous Panama Canal. Here is a fascinating touch of history and politics, and it looks strange when heavy transport ships maser through the jungle on the narrow channel. Would you rather experience the canal from the water side, there are many opportunities for a cruise or a cruise on the historic route. The trip through the canal takes nine hours and it is a very special experience to go from one world ocean to the other on a channel that you fantasize about for 400 years before it became a reality. The 15th august 1914, the Panama Canal opened, and the first ship to go through this man-made marvel. Today, the channel is still one of the world's most important trade routes.
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