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Part of what is so fascinating about Rome is that the city is full of historic buildings dating from the Roman period in parallel with many magnificent churches so you really get the feeling of walking on historic ground.

At the same time as Rome is a modern city, with everything from famous designer stores to small backyard outlets. Restaurants and bars are everywhere, most of the city's social life is lived also in these places. If you really want to experience true Roman atmosphere we recommend an evening visit and dinner in the ancient Trastevere.

Going sightseeing in Rome so we recommend all women to let reason win over vanity. High heels fit well on cobblestones, which is plentiful in Rome's streets and alleys.

Rome is the capital of two countries, Italy and the Vatican, which was spun off as a separate state under Mussolini.

The river Tiber or Tevere as it is called in Italian runs through town
Popular attractions

  #1 Pantheon

  #2 Colosseum

  #3 Piazza Navona

  #4 Fontana di Trevi

  #5 Largo di Torre Argent...

  #6 The Roman Forum

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