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Belize is located in Central America, the Caribbean Sea and bordered by Mexico and Guatemala. Many of the small islands along the Caribbean coast atolls that consist of only a thin ring of coral. The coastline is characterized by swamps and mangrove forests, especially in the northern part, but it's too salty and fresh lagoons with white sand beaches. In the country's southern and western part is Maya Mountains, which are covered by dense rainforest. The middle part of Belize's lowlands. In addition, certain naturally there are extensive coral reefs along the Caribbean coast. Belize Reef is proud contribution to UNESCO's list of places worthy of preservation.

Passengers traveling to Belize, awaits both stunning scenery and exciting cultural experiences. Diving in the world, dramatic ruins, unspoiled rainforests and a relaxed atmosphere are some of the possible ingredients of a holiday in Belize, which is a strange cultural mix of British organizational skills and the Caribbean relaxed hedonistic mood. In Belize City, the former British colonial capital, staying almost two-thirds of the population. The city is spread over Halo Maneuver-river delta, with its numerous canals and is the country's main seaport. Here's fine colonial buildings, beautiful parks and fine shopping. On the islands of Belize can revel in the sandy beaches, bathing water and life under water seems to compete to have the brightest colors. In Belize, an island called "caye" and the country's largest states Ambergris Caye. It is this sunny island palmespekkede Madonna sings about in the song "La Isla Bonita". The island is lined with sandy beaches, although the streets are made of sand and off the island waiting Belize's finest and most unique diving experience in the famous Blue Hole. The name is well chosen, for the case of a circular, dark blue hole at 300 meters in diameter surrounded by a narrow strip of coral that barely reaches above sea level. Blue Hole was the dawn of a cave that was flooded during the last ice age, then crashed the roof of the cave, leaving the 120 meter deep hole. There are plenty of both colorful fish and coral, and one can still see the vertical stalagmite in the cave earlier.

Mountain Pine Lodge in southwestern mountainous offers a break from all the water activities in the form of a forested nature reserve in a virgin mountainous region. The area is filled with waterfalls, wild orchids, toucans and beautiful rainforest flora. Deep in the Mountain Pine Ridge is the great Mayan city of Caracol with beautiful ruins like jungle seems determined to devour in its green gap. You can get even more adventures in Mayan characters on their journey to Belize, visit Altun Ha. There was a large market town with an agricultural area surrounding the Mayan culture's heyday. Now the city's ceremonial center back with temples and tombs with fine inscriptions and reliefs in the massive building stones. Some of the nation's best beaches can be found at the village of Placencia, located at the tip of a sand-filled peninsula. The city is the world's only jaguar reserve, Cockscomb. In a large forest area live 40-50 jaguars and other animals like cougars, ocelot, tapirs, armadillos and a wealth of birds. Maya Indians from the nearby village offers exciting round views among the big cats.
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