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The tropical climate all year round. From May to November is the coolest and driest, while the period from December to April can have temperatures up to 35 degrees and higher humidity. Fiji is a true tropeparadis with exotic beaches where palm trees leaning languorously over the white sands, where the clear blue sky reflected in the water azurblåe and how coral reefs in wonderful colors have a vibrant life under water. With a wonderful climate, combined with a beautiful nature, is the basis for many great adventures. Here you have every opportunity to truly enjoy the holiday life.

For most Norwegians Fiji is synonymous with exotic beaches, blue sea and a relaxed life in the shade of palm trees, and those who visit the country will not be disappointed for reality is not far removed from the dream Sydhavet. But Fiji has much more to offer!

This archipelago consists of 300 beautiful islands, spread over a vast ocean. Only about a hundred of the islands are inhabited and some are only visible at low tide. Here are large, mountainous islands - but also many smaller volcanic and coral islands. The capital Suva is located on Viti Levu, which is lush and green with orchid crops, sugar and banana plantations and high mountains in the interior.

Fiji has a rich history influenced by different cultures. Here you can see Beqafolket perform their mysterious rituals while walking on hot coals, and be part of the evening entertainment "meke" where drums call to party with traditional songs and dance spear. Fiji's diverse nature of the archipelago has a lot to offer. Here's the usual Pacific environment with long white beaches, coconut palms, crystal-clear waters and reefs and lagoons filled with fish and corals in all colors. But you can also find high mountains covered with ancient rainforest. Tourism accounts for an increasingly larger proportion of Fiji's economy, and there is a great variety of large and small.

Fiji has a stable tropical climate, and the temperature is generally at 25 degrees. On a hot summer day, it may well be over 30 degrees, but even on a cold winter day is the temperature rarely drops below 20 degrees. The exception is the highlands where it can be significantly colder, especially at night. In the period from December to April rains the most, but less rain occurs throughout the year.
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