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Rwanda is a republic and landlocked country in central Africa. It borders the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west and south, Uganda to the north, Tanzania to the east, and Burundi to the south. The country has more than eleven million inhabitants. The capital, Kigali.

The majority of the country has a tropical rainy climate with rainfall distributed throughout most of the year, but at least in the period from May to August. Regular annual dry savannah and climate in parts of the country, most pronounced in the east. The temperature varies very little from month to month, mean temperature approx. 20 ° C for about 1,500 feet. Especially in the dry season is a big difference between day and night temperatures.

Akagera National Parc is located in the east of Rwanda. Kibungu is the city that is nearest to the park and the best starting point.

The park covers over 2,500 sq km of savannah west of the Kagera River, wooden denotes the frontier with Tanzania. The park has a variety of wildlife and is a habitat for over 500 different species of birds. There are accommodation facilities on the edge of the park that Gabiro, 100km (60 miles) to the north. It is best not to visit the park in the rainy season (December, March and April) since many of the routes Become impassable.

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