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Malawi is a landlocked country in southeastern Africa bordered by Tanzania to the north, west Zambia and Mozambique in the south and east.

Malawi founders were of old days a traveling people and as a result, their music spread across the African continent.

Malawi is located in the tropical climate zone, but variations in the height and location can lead to large differences in temperature and precipitation over short distances. Lower areas have mainly tropical savanna climate with dry from June to September, while monthly rainfall normally exceeds 200 mm in December to February.

Temperatures are usually high, and when the maximum (27-30 ° C in the Rift Valley) in October or November just before the rainy season starts. Mangoche (formerly Fort Johnston) on the south bank of Lake Malawi is thus 20 ° C in the middle of the coldest month (July) and 28 ° C in the warmest month (November).

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