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Madagascar takes place as the world's fourth largest island after Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo. To the west lies the Mozambique Channel and Mozambique. To the east is the nearest neighbor paradise island Mauritius, and then called the Indian Ocean for miles until you come to Australia's west coast. Madagascar's center consists of mountains and plateaus which drops steeply down to the east coast, while the west coast is flat with lots of bays and estuaries.

The landscape changes quickly when moving around in Madagascar. High volcanoes, mountains covered with terraces and rice, vanilla plantations, pineapple fields, barren, desert-like plains and small villages with clay smeared houses and waving children are just some of the subjects a trip to Madagascar leaves the retina.

The climate is almost as varied as the scenery. Coasts has a tropical climate and average temperatures of 20-26 degrees. In the highlands in the middle of the island is a cool, temperate, and it is dry climate south. Rainfall is not evenly distributed throughout the island, with twice as much rain on the east coast as the west coast.
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  #1  Antananarivo

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