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Libya is a country in North Africa. It is situated on the southern Mediterranean coast and bordered by Egypt to the east, Sudan to the southeast, Chad and Niger to the south, and Algeria and Tunisia to the west.

Despite its large area, Libya in practice only two climate zones. Coastal areas in the north Mediterranean climate with wet winters and around 12 ° C in January to 26 ° C in August. Here, when the average rainfall up to 400 mm, with rainfall of 30-35 days in the period from November to February.

Inland, desert climate with very large temperature swings, from below 0 ° C in winter to over 50 ° C in summer. At night in the winter in freezing temperatures not uncommon. Extreme daytime temperatures going up to 58 ° C. There is almost no rainfall at all in the flat desert parties.

Every spring and autumn blowing a hot, dry, dust full scirocco (in Libya called gibli), a southern wind lasting from one to four days. In April, it may bring with it high temperatures to the otherwise cool coastal zone, preferably up to 43 ° C. Dust storms occur throughout the year.

The combination of low precipitation and strong evaporation (heat) make Libya a barren land with generally little vegetation and animal and bird life. The mountains along the coast, however, has a Mediterranean climate, with similar flora in the Mediterranean. The lowlands along the coast steppe vegetation.

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