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Republic of Gabon is a coastal state located in the Gulf of Guinea in western central Africa, on the Atlantic. The land was formerly a French colony until 1960. It is bordered by Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea in the north and the Congo to the south.

French is the official language in Gabon. The capital is Libreville and is also the country's premier port city and economic center.

Gabon has in recent years built up more democratic, with several representative parties.

Gabon is one of the more developed countries in Africa thanks to its small population, abundant natural resources and support from abroad. Since the oil price growth continued in earnest in 2004, the country's extensive oil production given the highly welcome export earnings.

Gabon has a tropical climate with high and low ambient temperatures. There is a relatively high humidity in the rainforest areas, especially in the east.

Some of Gabon's environmental problems is that the rain forest cut down, and that it operated illegal hunting of endangered species.

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