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Angola is a country located on the west coast of Africa. It is bordered by Namibia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of Congo and Zambia. The capital Luanda has about 3 million inhabitants.

Angola has abundant natural resources such as oil, gas and diamonds, but still Angola a poor country. Unemployment is estimated to be between 50 and 70 percent and less than 40 percent of the population can read and write.

Angola's average temperature on the coast is 16 ° C in winter and 21 ° C in summer.

In general, land marked by major devastation after the civil wars, and it is estimated that about 4 million of the country's 14 million inhabitants are internally displaced. The country is therefore facing a major rebuilding work.

Angola is now Africa's second largest oil producer after Nigeria. Oil accounts for about ninety percent of export earnings.

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