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Sønderborg is a Danish town located on both sides of Als Sund. It grew up around the castle which was built a little before the year 1200. Water transport was an important source of income from the 1500s until today, when road and rail transport has taken over.

The city is South Jutland's largest city and consists of a mixture of old and new buildings. Previously Jyllands ago called "The Holy side." If one were to cross pontongbroen have to pay bridge Money, every day except Sunday, when people went to church. People trek every Sunday did the NW side of people's mouth was called "The Holy side." Two bridges now leads traffic from Jutland over the Als, King Christian X's bridge from 1930 in the middle of town and the new Highbridge from 1981 Alssundbroen.

Cultural Alsion in Sønderborg houses part of the University of Southern Denmark.
Popular Hotels

  #1 Scandic Sønderborg
  #2 Comwell Sønderborg
  #3 Rønhave

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