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Sri Lanka, which until 1972 was known as Ceylon, is an island east of the southern tip of India. The island is shaped like a cone with forested mountains in the middle and a coastline that alternates between inviting sandy beaches, lagoons and swamps. The climate is tropical rainy climate with the two periods of monsoon rain, which fortunately falls in their own areas and provide essential nutrients to rubber, coconut and spice plantations. The temperature remains almost constant throughout the year with about 30 degrees in the lowlands and 18 to 20 degrees higher up in the mountains. The diverse wildlife is like so many other places on the planet in decline, but there are still bears, leopards, jackals, buffaloes and monkeys. When Sri Lanka was still a monarchy, elephants were considered royal property and was able to fuse the peaceful surrounding plains and mountain slopes. After the ban on killing elephants were repealed, it is now just an insignificant fraction of its original population.

Travelling to Sri Lanka will almost inevitably contain dagdriverliv on the beach and hiking in the beautiful mountains in the middle of the island. But the many Buddha statues, monasteries and temples would also be a shame to neglect of a Sri Lankan trip. Moreover, it is fine examples of the special Sinhala edition of domed Buddhist stupas, dagobaen, everywhere. Especially dagobaen Ruvanveli in the ancient capital of Anuradhapura is certainly worth a visit. From a distance it looks as if the monument is supported by hundreds of elephants carved in stone. The UNESCO-recognized Anuradhapura is also home to a sacred fig tree said to originate from the tree Buddha attained its perfect enlightenment under.

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