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Sultanate of Oman is a country on the Arabian peninsula. It is bordered to the north and northwest of the United Arab Emirates, on the west by Saudi Arabia and to the southwest of Yemen. The country has coastline on the Gulf of Oman in the southeast and the Arabian Sea in the east and southeast.

Dramatic landscapes, beautiful beaches, hospitable people and a capital steeped in history makes Oman popular among tourists. The barren desert that spreads across the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is intersected by oases and wadis where daddelklasene hangs heavily from green palms. The capital Muscat is beautifully situated where the mountains meet the coast and lures with numerous historic forts and chaotic markets with true Arabian night feel.

Travelling in Oman means camel rides, rolling red sand dunes and hospitable omanere that invites the dates and strong Arabic coffee. The beautiful ancient capital Muscat is also a must while traveling in Oman.

Also the legendary market Muttrah Souk, where men in white robes and the distinctive red-white shamaal head trying to buy and sell spices, exotic teas and gold jewelry at the best price, helping to make a holiday in Oman a memorable experience .

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