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Japan, literally "sun rise" is a country in East Asia, located on the Pacific Ocean, east of the Korean Peninsula. Japan consists of a chain of islands. The largest of them are, from south to north, Kyushu, Shikoku, Honshu, (the main island) and Hokkaido. Approximately 3,000 islands are considered the archipelago that make up the whole of Japan. Approximately 73% of the country is mountainous with a mountain range running through each of the main islands. Japan's highest mountain is the famous Mount Fuji at 3776 m

Since there is very little flat ground, many hills and mountainsides cultivated very top. When Japan are located in a volcanic zone along the Pacific depth, a record frequent, weak earthquakes and occasional volcanic activity on the islands. Destructive earthquakes occur several times each century, and often results in enormous tidal waves (tsunami). Hot springs are numerous and have been developed as holiday deals

Japan consists of both ancient traditions and crowded streets with sushi restaurants and karaoke bars on every corner. Teens in imaginative clothing follows the ideology Kawaii, a typical Japanese fashion concept that can best be translated as "freaky" in everything they do. In parallel with the modern, excessive lifestyle, living tradition and modesty and well with kimonos, temples and thesis Remoniere. Everywhere in Japan sees great contrast between the country's ancient culture and the almost futuristic urban areas.

Japan has temperate climate in the north and subtropical climate in the south. Summer monsoon brings hot, humid air and 21-26 ° for most of the country. Spring is the most popular season for trips to Japan, and has first experienced the wind transform cherry trees' flowers pink snow showers, you understand why. Autumn in Japan is also beautiful, with warm temperatures and nice colors.

On any holiday in Japan will meet Japan's elegant, formal manners, yet changed completely after a few drinks and maybe a karaoke performance. The contrast between tradition and modernity experienced all the time. Tokyo is one of the world's most modern metropolis with upscale stores, glittering neon advertisements and huge big screens in the streets. In Kyoto there are over 1,600 Buddhist temples, the Imperial Palace, Shoguns Nijoborg and some of Japan's best museums.
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