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Bhutan, officially the Kingdom of Bhutan is a kingdom and one landlocked country in the Himalayas in South Asia, confined between India on the east, south and west and China in the north. The country is to some extent economically and politically dependent on India. Until 1961 the country was closed to visitors, and tourism is still controlled. The country is the only one where mahayanabuddhisme is the state religion, and government attach great importance to stimulate traditions, such as the use of the national dress. Bhutan is a mountainous country in the southern slopes of the Himalayas. The vast majority of the country is an alpine plateau that runs from approx. 4000 m and higher. The country's highest mountain is Kula Kangri (7554 m) and Gangkar Punsum (7570 m).

The country has three distinct climatic zones: the high Himalaya close north (especially northwestern) parts of the country have an arctic climate, with July temperatures up to 5 ° C, and little rain.
A temperate zone, where among other things, capital, Thimpu is, with altitudes between 2000 and 4000 m. Warm summer night frost in winter. Monsoon Rain, 600-1400 mm rainfall annually. Temperatures between 15 ° C and 26 ° C from June to September, from -4 ° C to 16 ° C in January.
A tropical zone in the lowlands and slopes up to 2000 m far south of the country, ca. 50 km wide. Long, hot and wet summer, short and dry winter. Summer Monsoon and up to 2500 mm rainfall annually. Apparently precipitation record approx. 7800 mm. Temperatures between 15 ° C and 30 ° C all year round, sometimes up to 40 ° C in summer.

The glaciers in the alpine north is a major source of water supply in Bhutan, and is the cause of seasonal variations in water flow and hydropower production.

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